What is the SGP Prize?

sgp prize

SGP, or Singapore Prize, is an award given to manuscripts of exceptional literary merit. It is usually awarded to works published in English, but it has also been given to manuscripts translated from other languages, such as Chinese and Malay. The winner of the SGP receives a grant to help fund their future work.

The prize is a great incentive for authors to continue to write in the language of their choice and to publish their work in a way that will appeal to the largest possible audience. The winner must have shown considerable literary achievement in the past and be able to promise continued excellence in future works. The SGP has a history of attracting some of the best writers from the region.

Moreover, the winning manuscript must have been written and edited in English and should be well presented, displaying the highest standards of English writing. In addition, the manuscript must have been published in print and be accessible to a wide readership. The prize money is a minimum of S$50,000.

In recent years, the SGP has been awarded to works that focus on a particular theme or subject area. This has been a great boost to the local publishing industry, as it encourages writers to produce quality work in a variety of genres and on diverse topics. It has also boosted the profile of the SGP among international audiences and has stimulated debate on various issues and topics.

Another aspect of the SGP is that it gives the public a chance to view manuscripts and books that are not easily available. The SGP Library holds more than 18,000 manuscripts in its collection, including rare and valuable items such as documents, letters, manuscripts, diaries and photographs. This makes it one of the world’s most important libraries for the study of Singaporean history and culture.

The SGP also provides a platform for Singaporean writers and readers to engage with each other. There are workshops, lectures and talks, as well as discussion groups on a range of topics and themes. The SGP has a long-standing tradition of supporting the arts and cultural development in Singapore.

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