The Impact of Result Hk on Academic Careers

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During the 2007-2008 school year, Hong Kong students took new examinations under a different system. The Hong Kong College Entrance Examination (HCE) and the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) were merged into a single exam, and HKEAA introduced a new grading scheme. The new system is more stringent than the old one, with the HCE score being the most important factor in determining admission to universities.

The new grading system was met with much resistance. Many schools were worried that the level of English required for the HKALE was too low, and they expected the HKEAA to decrease the difficulty of the syllabus so that students who studied the previous Syllabus A could pass more easily. However, the HKEAA maintained the original level of English for the HKALE and did not lower it significantly.

In addition, the HKALE included a school-based assessment component that would account for 15% of the final mark. This reflected the importance of academic performance in the school-based curriculum. Moreover, the school-based assessment was intended to provide students with more valuable information about their learning progress. The HKALE also included a written essay and spoken English.

Although the HKALE had more rigorous requirements, it did not necessarily guarantee success in university studies. In fact, a passing grade in the HKALE was still considered far below the grade necessary for university study, and many institutions had higher admissions standards. Most JUPAS admissions programs gave the HKCEE results about a 10-30% weight, and the HKALE provided the other 50%. The number of universities offering JUPAS places was also far greater than before. The HKALE had a major impact on the academic careers of Hong Kong students. As a result, the HKALE has become a major source of controversy in education in Hong Kong. The debate on the HKALE has lasted for several years, with no clear winner. Regardless of the debate, the HKALE will continue to play an important role in Hong Kong education.