The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award and the Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize

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The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award, established in 1985 by the late Sydney Taylor and her husband Ralph Taylor, encourages aspiring Jewish authors of fiction targeting children ages 8-13. The prize is awarded annually to an unpublished manuscript of a work of fiction with universal appeal that reveals positive aspects of Jewish life and culture. The winning manuscript is published by Overland and is read and reviewed by a panel of distinguished judges. Each year, two runner-up stories are also published in Overland.

Overland Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize 2021 is a major literary prize for Australian and New Zealand short stories that are powerful, original and engaging, themed loosely around the notion of travel. This year’s judges, Julie Koh, Alice Robinson and Mykaela Saunders, have made the difficult task of selecting a shortlist of eight pieces from over 400 entries. The winner and the two runner-up stories will be published in Overland’s autumn 2022 edition and online.

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