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About Us: Welcome to the Colorado School Grades Take Action Blog!

Welcome to the Colorado School Grades Take Action blog. Launched in December 2013, this new feature on will provide materials to help parents in Colorado both choose a school and get involved with a school’s improvement. Colorado School Grades provides parents with an easy-to-understand grade for every school in the state. We are a… Read More »

Call the Principal’s Office

Interested in getting involved in your child’s school? Ask your principal for ways you can volunteer your time, give input on school policies, or any number of school improvement-related questions. Here are a few tips for how to break the ice with your principal: Script for Calling a School Board Member Letter to a School… Read More »

Get to Know Your School Board

Your district’s school board has a lot of say in how the schools are operated. And, the board members have been elected by a vote of the people. Whenever you’re thinking of improving your school, these are the folks you want to get to know. Here are a few ideas for how to reach out… Read More »

What Does Colorado’s Open Enrollment Law Mean for You?

Colorado’s Open Enrollment Law provides students with the option to enroll in any public school in the state, as long as the school has enough space. For more information about the law, click here. To select a school other than your assigned neighborhood school, contact the school itself or the school’s district office to learn more about… Read More »

Take Action Blog Code of Conduct

Colorado School Grades’ Take Action blog welcomes you. Feel free to share your education stories, school tips and ideas, answer questions and enjoy the community. Differences of opinion are welcome as long as they are respectful. Please be courteous and have friendly discussions. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to disrespectful posts.… Read More »