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Colorado’s 69th General Assembly Convenes Today

A great way to get involved is by getting to know your state legislators and other elected officials. They are constantly working to maintain a strong education for Colorado’s kids. Here are some tips for how to reach out. Wondering what’s on tap this year at the statehouse? Everything is broadcast here.    

3 Ways to Battle the Holiday Boredom

Any break from school means an opportunity to spend some time relaxing and enjoying family. On the flip side, this time off can quickly lead to cabin fever. So, how can parents battle holiday boredom while also creating opportunities for academic growth during school holidays? The key is to make the experiences and learning opportunities meaningful to… Read More »

Improve a School: Donate Time & Money

Here are a few ways that you can get involved and help improve your child’s school: 1. Volunteer in a classroom: Teachers can always use more help, and your child may benefit from having you in the classroom. Be sure to talk to the teacher about volunteering expectations. You can find more information about volunteering… Read More »

Call the Principal’s Office

Interested in getting involved in your child’s school? Ask your principal for ways you can volunteer your time, give input on school policies, or any number of school improvement-related questions. Here are a few tips for how to break the ice with your principal: Script for Calling a School Board Member Letter to a School… Read More »