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Gifted, Schmifted? by Megan Freedman

Before I had kids, my entire experience with the term “gifted” was when I spent a couple weeks at a “G&T” summer camp during middle school. Everyone seemed to be carrying a clarinet on their way to a chess game. To be fair to my parents, I was a homebody who also hated tennis camp.… Read More »

Many Reasons to Choose a School, Part 2

This is the second in a two-part series on suburban school choice, focusing on the challenges and benefits of school choice in Colorado.  Please click here to view part one.  by Marya DeGrow Parents of four and recent transplants to Colorado after nearly 16 years in the military, Amy and Eric S. refused to send their… Read More »

Many Reasons to Choose a School, Part 1

by Marya DeGrow Public school choice is increasingly accepted and common. Choices range from charter, to magnet, to online, to homeschool support programs, to open enrollment in a traditional neighborhood school that is outside of your attendance zone. For a long time school choice was touted as a way for families to switch to a… Read More »

Healthy Homemade Lunches: A Quick Guide for Busy Parents

by Carie Sherman In 2010, the United States Department of Agriculture revised its standards for the lunches kids receive at school. The aim was to increase fruits and veggies, whole grain foods, and low fat dairy while decreasing calories, fat, and sodium. Yet 41 percent of kids bring their own lunch to school. And a recent report from… Read More »