The Sidney Prize For Journalism

The Sidney Prize is a yearly award given to an individual or organization who has made a significant contribution to foster peace with justice. The prize includes a cash award and other in-kind support provided by the City of Sydney. The winner is chosen by a jury of distinguished individuals. Past winners have included Patrise Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi of Black Lives Matter, the founders of an engineering scholarship for women, and the author of a book about the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

The prize is named after Australian physicist Sidney Perkowitz, who was known for his work connecting art and the media to science. The prize is intended to recognize a physics researcher who has demonstrated an enduring commitment to bridge the gap between physics and society, through a range of activities including public lectures, books, and theatrical productions. The judging committee considers not only the past achievement of each nominee but also their potential to continue contributing to society through performing arts into the future.

Since its establishment in 1950, the Hillman Foundation has honored contributors to the daily, periodical, and labor press for journalism in service of the common good. In 2024, the Foundation will begin administering the monthly Sidney Awards for journalism in the United States and Canada. The same criteria and nomination process apply for the two awards.

In addition to the Sydney Prize, the City of Sydney offers a range of scholarships. This scholarship is aimed at encouraging female engineers to study engineering, and it can provide them with the opportunity to learn about science fields from some of the leading professionals in their industry. Moreover, the scholarship can help them to gain the skills necessary to be successful in their careers.

The SFCU Cash Giveaway is open to legal permanent residents of the fifty (50) U.S. States and the District of Columbia who have reached the age of majority (which is eighteen (18) in most states, but nineteen (19) in Alabama and Nebraska and twenty-one (21) in Mississippi). Employees, officers, directors, and immediate family members of employees, officers, and directors of SFCU are not eligible to win. This promotion may be canceled or postponed by SFCU at any time, and in its sole discretion.

The Overland Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize is a yearly award given to outstanding short fiction of up to 3000 words themed loosely around the notion of ‘travel’. The winning short story will receive a $5000 first prize and will be published in Overland. Two runners-up will each receive $750. The judges, Patrick Lenton, Alice Bishop, and Sara Saleh, have selected a shortlist of eight pieces from more than 500 submissions, and they have now chosen the winner. The entries are available to read on the Overland website. The competition was supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation. For more information about the prize, visit its page. The winner will be announced on the second Wednesday of each month.