Improve a School: Get to Know Your School Board & Other Elected Officials

Published on December 11, 2013

Your elected officials are a great resource for any parent looking to improve a school. Here are a few ways to connect with those you’ve voted into office.

1. Know your school board members:

Denver Public Schools Board Member Happy Haynes at a DPS Forum

Denver Public Schools Board Member Happy Haynes at a DPS Forum

These are the people who are elected to serve you! Keep track of their decisions and their stances on education policy, and if you disagree, let them know by sending an email, letter or making a quick phone call.

Not sure what to say? Click here for some ideas on how to reach out.

2. Get to know your state legislators:

These elected officials make decisions about Colorado’s schools. Not sure who your state legislator is? Find out by entering your address in this interactive map.

3. Attend a school board meeting:

A lot of crucial decisions are made at school board meetings that affect the education of your child every day. Make your voice heard! Check your school district’s website to find out a time and place for your next school board meeting. Find a list of many of Colorado’s School Boards and links to their websites here.

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