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Luke Ragland is the vice president of policy for Colorado Succeeds, a Colorado School Grades community partner. This op-ed originally appeared in the Colorado Springs Gazette. A recent guest column, “We should reward best teachers in Colorado,” by Sen. Owen Hill and Tyler Lawrence briefly touched on the importance of the website ColoradoSchool and why… Read More »

School Choice by Dominique Gildea

Dominique and her son Davin As a former DPS charter school student, a former DPS teacher, and a graduate of the UNC Center for Urban Education, I thought I knew it all. I knew how important my son’s first experiences in school were. I was all too familiar with what he would be doing in… Read More »

A-School Profile: Traut Core Knowledge

In this Q & A, Traut Core Knowledge’s Principal Mark Wertheimer describes his school, which is among the top 10 elementary schools in Colorado this year. Describe your school’s mission and illustrate it with an example from the classroom. Our vision is educational excellence in knowledge, skills and character, with strong parent-teacher-student partnerships. Our mission is to… Read More »